About Us

Comprehensive surveys have firmed our belief that real growth happens only when these key sectors start performing together. Frankly speaking, it makes no sense concentrating just on health while neglecting education that’s crucial to develop health consciousness, or trying to imbibe and inculcate lofty ideals of environmental sustainability even while the respondents do not have enough employment options to sustain their homes.

Any intervention aiming to reach out to these respondents, thus, has to factor in all their key concerns – education, health, employment generation as well as caring for the environment. Our focus, therefore, is towards stringing together multifaceted development initiatives covering all these aspects to help create sustainable and self-reliant communities.

We believe this is the only approach that would work. Education is both the means as well as the end to a better life: the means because it empowers an individual to earn his/her livelihood and the end because it increases one's awareness on a range of issues – from healthcare to appropriate social behavior to understanding one's rights – and in the process help him/her evolve as a better citizen.